To even be considered for a “Best Value” position in any of the Top Three categories on this website, a knife must meet two major requirements; it must have an affordable price and excellent quality. Of course, I understand that most affordable knives are not going to be of the same quality as the more expensive knives. Still, I refuse to simply award a knife the title of “Best Value” based solely on its price. In so doing, I would be recommending that you purchase a knife which wouldn’t hold its edge for long and which may fall apart within its first month of use.

Through a careful review of popular, top-selling kitchen utility knives, I was able to find that this Zyliss knife meets both of my important criteria. Additionally, this knife has received rather positive reviews from consumers, especially from those who recognize that more affordable knives are not always the best in terms of quality.

If you have already visited the main Utility Knives page, you may have read a little bit about this knife. In this article, I intend to delve a little deeper into the discussion about this knife, looking at its various qualities and specifications to help you understand why this knife was awarded “Best Value” and why it may be a great addition to your kitchen.

Good-Sized, Strong Blade

This knife’s 5.5-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade is a wonderful length for taking on all of those tasks you expect that a utility knife should be able to perform with ease. Though it may be too large to perform the more intricate tasks you may expect from specialized paring knives, it is still small enough to control as you slice, dice, and peel fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This length is also perfect for cutting through sandwiches of all sizes, and even small cakes and other baked goods.

The high carbon content of this blade not only means that it will hold its sharp edge for a wonderfully long time, it also means that this is a strong blade which will not bend, warp, or snap very easily. The stainless alloys added to the steel in this blade are resistant to the negative effects of water, meaning that this knife will stand up well against the threat of rust.

Comfortable, No-Slip Grip

This knife’s handle has been rounded to allow you a good grip. Squared handles can grow uncomfortable rather quickly as their edges begin to dig into the palms of your hands. They can also flip around in your grip, especially if they are thin, causing you to lose control of the task you are performing. The thick, round handle on this knife will aid you in maintaining a solid grip.

Contributing further to your solid grip is the rubbery non-slip coating Zyliss added to the handle of this knife. Whether your palms grow sweaty from all the hard work you are doing, or they become slick with fruit and vegetable juices, this rubber grip will help them stay in place as you work with this all-purpose knife.

The plastic bolster built into the handle, while not helpful in the arena of weight balancing, provides extra protection for your fingers and also works to keep your hand in place as you complete slicing and peeling tasks.

Added Convenience

I love when a quality knife is affordable. What I love even more, however, is when a quality, affordable knife comes with something extra. This Zyliss knife comes with a plastic blade protector, designed to allow you to bring this knife with you on camping trips or confidently store it in your kitchen drawer without worrying about slicing your fingers open.

A Great Bargain

Though this knife does not offer the best in terms of weight balance, control, or aesthetic beauty, it packs quite a lot of function for such a small price. From an easy-grip, no-slip handle to a sharp, strong, 5.5-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade this knife meets all the basic utility knife requirements and more.