If you have already visited our “Bread Knives” page, you will know that I experienced great difficulty in selecting a Best in Class bread knife. Another incredibly impressive knife caused me to stop and think for a moment before I finally decided to award the top spot to this Zelite knife. Though the other knife was very remarkable and was more affordable than the Zelite Infinity, I simply could not bring myself to put this knife in any sort of second or third-place position.

As you will see in this review, the Zelite Infinity is miles above most other bread knives in terms of its quality and construction. If you are looking for a superior bread knife, you need not look any further.

A Blade Which Cannot Be Beat

This knife’s blade features an incredible sixty-seven layers of forged high-carbon stainless steel. Why is this incredible? Let’s break things down a little bit so that you understand just how unbelievable and beneficial sixty-seven layers of forged high-carbon stainless steel truly are.

First of all, forged steel blades are better than any punched or laser-cut steel blades you can buy. The very process of forging steel offers it more strength and durability, as the heat created when it is pounded together creates a tighter bond between the steel’s molecules. The fact that sixty-seven layers were forged together means that this knife’s blade underwent a long forging process, making that bond even tighter.

Secondly, high-carbon stainless steel is quickly becoming regarded as the best option for knife blades. While I, personally, prefer regular old high-carbon steel, I cannot deny the benefits of high-carbon stainless steel. Not only will this steel stay sharp for an incredibly long time like other high-carbon steels, it will also resist water and rust much like other stainless steels. For many, though they must give up a degree of edge-retention and rust-resistance, this “best of both worlds” combination is astounding.

Comfort and Control

This Zelite knife features a contoured handle, designed to bring you the best in terms of both comfort and control. The handle has been rounded to provide a grip superior to any flat, rigid, squared handle you may find on some competitors. Special grooves allow you to slip this knife perfectly into the curves of your palm and fingers. The handle has even been angled at the end cap to wrap around your hand just a little bit more. Holding this knife will feel almost like holding the hand of dear friend or loved one.

The steel end cap, steel bolster, and full-tang blade all offer excellent counterweight to the heavy high-carbon stainless steel blade, making this knife even easier to control. If you find yourself working through a difficult task, the steel bolster has been shaped to allow you to catch a grip closer to the handle for increased control.

Gets The Job Done

I assume that, more than anything, you are concerned with how well this knife can perform its basic duty of cutting through bread and other baked goods. I am happy to report that, whether your baked goods are soft, moist, dry, crumbly, or feature a thick, hard crust, this knife should easily create precision slices without leaving behind a crumby mess on your countertop.

You can thank the sharp, somewhat flexible, serrated blade for this knife’s ability to easily create the perfect slice of bread or pound cake. The Zelite’s short, deep scalloped serrations and 18-degree cutting angle are rarely matched by competing knives.

Strong and Durable

I understand that strength and durability are not the prime concerns most people have when discussing bread knives. These knives are, generally, only working their way through soft foods and, therefore, aren’t regularly placed under incredible force. Still, it is good to know that the blade has been brought full-tang through this knife’s beautifully-crafted dark wood handle and has been triple-riveted in place. If you ever find yourself needing to use this knife for more strenuous tasks you will not need to worry about it coming apart or failing to perform under pressure.

Overall Best

Though some of the features of this knife have been bettered by other knives, the overall combination of features that this knife contains has no rival.