Though it was easy to choose this particular rod as my personal favorite, I must admit that I struggled with whether or not to name it the “Best Knife Sharpening/Honing Rod”. The reason I found this difficult is that I realize that rods are supposed to be used mostly for honing, not sharpening. I felt as though I had to select a honing rod based on that belief. At the end of the day, however, I could not ignore my love of this particular rod.

I am the type of person who prefers a rod which both hones and sharpens. I find that, although this type of rod does not sharpen nearly as well as a manual or electric sharpener, it greatly increases the amount of time I can go without formally sharpening my knives with one of them. Using this type of rod allows me to straighten my blades and give them a quick sharpening every time I use them, to keep the blade sharp for much longer.

If you have already visited our main Knife Sharpeners page you have probably read a little bit about the Wusthof Sharpening rod and why I selected it as the Best Knife Sharpening/Honing Rod. This article will go into more detail about why I believe this rod is superior to the others and how it came to be on this list.

Sharpens and Hones

Clearly, as I have already hinted, a big part of my reasoning for selecting this rod as Best Sharpening/Honing Rod is the fact that it serves a double duty and both sharpens and hones all at once.

To hone your blade to perfection, this rod features long grooves which extend from the handle to its tip. Most of the honing (or straightening of the blade) actually occurs as a basic result of running the blade along the long, hard piece of steel. The grooves are added to enhance to process, making your blade become straighter faster.

The rod also has a bit of a rough texture to it. The somewhat gritty surface acts to pull tiny bits of metal off of your blade as you run it across. So long as you hold your knife at an acceptable angle, these tiny abrasives will gently file the blade to a sharper point. If your blade is very dull it will need the attention of a manual or electric sharpener. If you complete this process on a regular basis, however, you should be able to considerably extend the amount of time between formal sharpenings.


As you work with this rod tiny shards of metal will come free from your knife’s blade. To reduce the amount of cleaning up you will have to do after the sharpening and honing process is complete, the creators of this rod have designed it with magnetic metal. The magnetic nature of this steel will hold onto the shards as they come off, allowing you to simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth upon completion.

Not only will the magnetic nature of this steel be helpful in cleanup, it will also help with storage. Instead of placing this rod in a drawer, you can easily stick it to the side of your refrigerator for safekeeping. If you prefer to hang it on the wall, you can always use the metal hoop attached to the handle to hang it on a hook.

Happy Consumers

I struggled between two different thoughts in my head as I made my decision to include this rod as the Best Sharpening/Honing Rod, but one thing made it very easy to settle on my decision – the positive reviews this rod received by consumers.

I wasn’t sure whether I should place this rod in the top position or not, because I worried that consumers may be looking for a honing rod that only hones. I was scared that they may not be like me and prefer one which also sharpens. Then I took a look at the consumer ratings and reviews this rod received. Overwhelmingly, this rod received better reviews than any of the others featured on this website. It is hard to argue with the majority of consumers, so I trusted my instincts and awarded the title to this wonderful rod.