Simply put, I awarded the Wusthof Classic Utility Knife the title of Best in Class because I could not find another utility knife which checked off more boxes on my great utility knife checklist. This knife’s combination of length, strength, durability, materials, and incredible balance are what bumped it up into this top position. Of course, its aesthetic appeal didn’t hurt, but I am not the type of person who worries about looks. Making it into the Top Three section of any knife category is all about function – something that this Wusthof knife has in droves.

The main Utility Knives page features a short synopsis of the information contained in this article. If you have already visited that page, you should know a little bit about what we will explore here. Unlike the main page, however, this article will explore details about the Wusthof Classic and, hopefully, help you come to a solid understanding of why I felt it deserved the title “Best in Class”. In this article, I also hope to help you decide if this may be the right utility knife to meet your particular needs.

Small to Mid-Sized Blade

The 4.5-inch blade on this knife is slightly shorter than many of the other utility knives I came across in my journeys. Of course, that does minimize its usability, but not completely. This knife isn’t quite as small as your typical paring knife, which usually features a 3 or 3.5-inch blade. This knife’s 4.5-inch blade length makes it perfect for slicing through fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches.

Though they are not often advertised together, Wusthof also sells a 6-inch version of this knife. The larger version opens you up to more dicing possibilities and the ability to slice larger foods. It does, however, limit your peeling abilities.

Strong and Sturdy

Like every Wusthof knife I have encountered in all of my research for this website, this utility knife has been built with longevity in mind. Its high-carbon stainless steel blade will hold a sharp edge for an extremely long time without requiring the attention of a sharpener. The forging process used to shape this blade made it even stronger – a steel which is nearly impossible to bend or snap. The rust-resistance of the stainless steel alloys in the blade help increase its lifespan as well as your own versatility in terms of cleaning options.

The blade is full tang, extending through the handle all the way to its very end, and has been triple-riveted in place. You can use this knife for any job, simple or difficult, without having to worry that the blade may split apart from the handle.

Well Weighted

The full tang blade does more than simply offer strength and endurance; it also helps to create a well-balanced knife. Balancing the weight of the blade with the weight of the handle is essential for good knife control. You do not want the blade to be heavier than the handle; otherwise it may pull your cuts in one direction or another, reducing your ability to be precise. Extending the blade into the handle brings extra weight into the handle to increase balance.

To create even better balance, Wusthof included a steel bolster between the handle and the blade, placing more weight at the knife’s center point. Though there is no end cap to provide even more weight to the handle, consumers have reported that this knife is very well balanced and offers exceptional control to the user.

A Great Grip

The handle of this knife has been created with a slightly square shape that I worry may cause discomfort if you use it for long periods of time. Still, the handle has been made thick enough to allow you to grasp a firm hold of it for control purposes.

Sharp Enough for All Your Needs

I wouldn’t think twice about slicing into a delicate crepe or cracking through the tough exterior of a pineapple with this knife. I also wouldn’t worry about its ability to assist me in making fine slices of potatoes for my homemade chips. Sharpened to 14-degrees, this knife will slice through the toughest and most delicate foods with ease.

A Winner Overall

Though this knife clearly checked off a lot of boxes on my personal checklist of what it takes to make a great utility knife, a big part of what pushed me to award it the title of “Best in Class” were the consumer reviews it received. People who have used this knife have been very pleased with its sharpness, its edge-retention, and their ability to comfortably and confidently control it as they work away at various kitchen tasks.