Kitchen shears are known for their multifunctionality. Although there are many basic sets of shears made simply to cut through meat, vegetables, and fruit, the vast majority of kitchen shears are created with convenience and multifunction in mind. Of course, the Wislife Multifunction Shears are no different in that respect. So, you must be asking yourself what exactly it was which prompted me to assign them the “Best Value” title above any other multifunctional kitchen shears.

When selecting a product for a “Best Value” category, I like to keep two things in mind – versatility and price. To me, best value is determined by an intersection of these two factors. Therefore, I cannot choose the most multifunctional pair of kitchen shears if its price is not affordable for many people. Similarly, you don’t get much value in a cheap pair of shears which has no extra features and can barely perform its basic functions.

I selected the Wislife Multifunction Kitchen Shears as “Best Value” kitchen shears because they are extremely versatile, have many great additional features, are rather affordable, and have received positive consumer reviews.

All The Extras

One of the biggest reasons most people are looking at this review is to see exactly what additional features are included with this set of kitchen shears, so I figure we better start there. Like many other sets of kitchen shears, this set includes a metal nut cracker built into the space between the handles. This nut cracker can also be used to crack open the shells of lobster and crabs or as a gripping device when opening difficult twist-off bottle caps. A pop-top bottle opener is located on the end of one of the handles and can also be used to puncture cans. The other handle features a flathead screwdriver. I am not entirely certain what use the flathead screwdriver would have in a kitchen, though, other than tightening cupboard doors or the handles of pots and pans. A bone notch located on the inner cutting blades makes it easy to hold bones or stems still for slicing.

The blades of this shears come apart for easy cleaning and for even more versatile use. After detaching the blades, you can easily use one blade as a small multipurpose knife, perfectly sized for peeling. Using the specially-serrated outside edge of one of the blades, you can effectively descale fish with little hassle.

A Hybrid Wonder

Though no cutting angle has been listed for these kitchen shears, I am willing to bet that they are rather sharp. In fact, I am willing to bet that they are sharper than many of the other shears on this list. Why do I think that? Unlike many of the stainless steel shears on this list, these are constructed of high-carbon stainless steel. High-carbon steel is known for its strength, durability, and sharpness. You will not be disappointed by these blades’ ability to hold a sharp edge for an extended period of time.

Although high-carbon steel is known for its strength and sharpness, it is also known for how easily it rusts. Fast-paced lifestyles and the need for dishwashers prompted a rise in the popularity of stainless steel in creating knives and shears. People quickly realized, however, that they were forced to sacrifice a long-lasting sharp cutting edge in the name of that convenience. This prompted the invention of the high-carbon stainless steel hybrid metal used to create these shears. Using these shears, you will be able to confidently place them in a dishwasher without having to sacrifice the quality of your cutting edge.

If You Are Looking for Multifunction and Versatility

If multifunctionality and versatility are what you are in search of, I truly believe that you need not look much further than these Wislife Multifunction Kitchen Shears. Not only have these shears received positive consumer feedback, they are also very affordable and boast over seven alternative functions.