If you have visited the main knife sharpeners page and glanced ahead at any of the other manual knife sharpeners you may be scratching your head, wondering why I would select a one-stage sharpener as the Best Manual Sharpener when there are other sharpeners capable of two or three stages. I understand why many of you may have that question lingering in your minds, but rest assured that I have selected the Sunrise Pro for a very good and specific reason – overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews.

You may have stumbled across other product review websites in your search for a knife sharpener. If so, you’ve probably noticed that those websites base their top choices on their personal preferences and biases. Though I will always tell you my preference, I do not feel it is fair to base my selections upon those preferences. To do so would be to suggest you purchase products which may not suit your needs. Instead, I have always chosen to focus on what the majority of actual consumers think about a product. My own preferences will serve only as a side note, in case you find yourself with similar opinions.

Therefore, despite being wooed by all the promises of the multistage and diamond coated manual sharpeners I reviewed on the main page, I could not help but be blown away by the reviews that this small, one-stage sharpener received. I thought to myself, “This thing must be top quality.”

Quick and Easy

I do not know if you have any previous experience using a knife sharpener, but if you do, you may be familiar with those less-than-impressive sharpeners which cost five to fifteen minutes of your life every time you want to sharpen something. As someone who is always rather busy, spending that amount of time sharpening a blade simply will not work for me. I found it extremely impressive that consumers have reported dull blades turning sharp in as few as three to four swipes through this sharpener. This has even held true for those consumers who have had this sharpener for a considerable amount of time – they report that it still performs its job well after over one year of regular use.

Easy To Transport

This compact knife sharpener is perfect for home use as well as use when camping, backpacking, fishing, and hunting. Its compact nature allows you to easily toss it inside a backpack, fanny pack, tackle box, or even your car.

Protects Your Tip

When using a manual knife sharpener on a countertop, one must always be careful not to damage the tip of the knife by accidentally banging it off of the counter. To avoid this problem, the Sunrise Pro has been built taller than most other manual knife sharpeners.

Stays Still

Despite being better protection for the tip of your knife, many companies will not produce manual knife sharpeners that sit more than an inch or two off the surface of your countertop – especially if they are narrow, like this one. This is because the taller something becomes, the less stable it becomes. If a knife sharpener becomes unstable it could wobble and tip over.

Whether you find yourself working in your kitchen, on a boat, or atop a picnic table, you will not need to worry about the Sunrise Pro flying around in an unsafe manner if you put too much pressure in any direction. This is all thanks to the suction feet built into this sharpener. Simply push down on the sharpener once it has been placed atop a smooth, stable surface and the suction cups will hold it in place.

Serves Serrated Just Fine

Yet another positive quality of this sharpener is that it can manage to sharpen serrated blades without a single problem. Most manual and electric knife sharpeners which have been made for home use are not designed to handle the special attention required by a serrated blade. Most people find themselves having to send their serrated knives away to be sharpened. It is a great comfort to know that such a hassle will not be necessary if you own this Sunrise Pro.

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