I thought it was important to send a nod in the direction of serrated utility knives, because I find that they are rather useful in the kitchen. Despite the fact that very few made it onto the list of popular, top-selling utility knives featured on the main Utility Knives page, those with serrated blades actually make up somewhere around half of all utility knives.

If you have already made your way over to our main Utility Knives page, you will have probably already read a little bit about the Shun DM0722 Classic. This article will go into more detail about the specifications of this knife, to explain why I believe it rose above the rest in my search for the best serrated utility knife. I hope that this article assists you in making a decision about which utility knife is best for you or, at least, helps you narrow your choices.

16 Layers of Strength and Rust-Resistance

I must admit that I am not a fan of stainless steel knives. I enjoy stainless steel in other areas of my kitchen, but have never been much of a stainless steel knife fan. So, why did I include a stainless steel knife in my Top Three Choices for utility knives? Many other people are big stainless steel fans. I feel that it is only right to honor the large group of people with lives so busy that they cannot even begin to wrap their minds around the idea of hand washing each and every knife they use in their kitchen.

Though stainless steel does not hold a sharp edge for as long as high-carbon steel, or even high-carbon stainless steel, it does have its benefits. Rust-resistance is chief among those benefits. As a rule, high-carbon steel is stronger than stainless steel. However, stainless steel is rather strong itself. In fact, it was this strength which inspired many cookware creators to begin making pots and pans from stainless steel. Adding further to the strength of this blade is the fact that it was cast of 16 layers of stainless steel. In my opinion, the more layers the stronger the blade.

Despite the rust-resistance of this blade, I must caution against placing this knife in the dishwasher, as I worry that the protective coating on its Pakkawood handle may be destroyed by the heat and humidity present in the dishwasher. Hand washing this knife would be safest, but is not required.

Textured For Convenience and Beauty

The stainless steel blade of this knife has been textured with a wood grain pattern, much like many other Shun blades. Although it does add to the stunning aesthetic appeal of this knife, this wood grain pattern is more than just a visual pleasure; it actually serves a functional purpose.

The pattern itself is not a print, it is a texture. This texture creates tiny air pockets along the length of the blade. These tiny air pockets make it very difficult for food to create a suction bond to the blade, making it much less likely that food will stick to the blade.

If you are thinking that this isn’t a big deal, I want you to imaging slicing into a deliciously moist cake only to find that when you pull the knife back out, large chunks of the cake come out as well. If you are like me and spend a considerable amount of time crafting artisan cakes for family and friends, this may be rather upsetting. I find it very important to know that my knife will not stick to my food, and vice versa.

Weighted Well

Sixteen layers of stainless steel can make for a hefty blade in terms of weight, making it very important to balance the handle to the blade to improve control and reduce the likelihood of wrist fatigue.

A full-tang blade would certainly help create a good balance between the blade and the handle. Although most Shun knives are created with full-tang blades I was unable to find information about whether or not this is the case with this particular knife. Still, this knife appears to be weighted very well, thanks to the steel bolster and steel end cap added to the Pakkawood handle. These additions place extra weight and control in the hand of the user.

A Great Addition

Through hours of research I came to the conclusion that this knife would make an excellent addition to any kitchen, possibly even my own. This would be surprising to anyone who knows me as most people in my life are well aware that I am not a fan of most utility knives with deeply serrated blades and have never been very enthusiastic over stainless steel knives. Still the popularity and stunning consumer reviews for this knife have forced me to think twice.