I suppose that it is rather easy to see, by the price of this Rada knife, why I selected it as having the “Best Value” out of all the other slicing knives in this section. Looks can, however, be deceiving. I have said it time and time again on this website, but will never stop saying it – value is about more than price.

I refuse to select a knife for the “Best Value” category based solely on its price. To me, value is an intersection of price and quality. The knife with the best value will be close to the bottom of the barrel in terms of price, but will exist somewhere in the mid-level in terms of quality. It will give you more than you expect for its affordable price but not nearly as much as you expect from a high-priced knife. Despite not giving you what you expect from a high-priced knife, it will not be of such low quality that it has lost its ability to be useful.

This Rada Cutlery knife was selected as having the “Best Value” of all the popular, top-selling slicing knives on this list, because it exists at that very intersection of price and quality.


If you have read the review for my “Best in Class” choice for slicing knives, you will have seen that I am a fan of multiuse slicing knives. I prefer a slicing knife with a pointed tip which is of a medium length, because these two elements allow me to use this knife not only for shaving slices of turkey and pork roast, but also for filleting chicken breasts and slicing raw meat into strips and cubes for stir fries and stew.

Of course you can guess that I was happy to see that this knife is capable of performing both of those tasks. I must admit, however, that this blade is a little bit short to be of much use in slicing portions of cooked meat from large turkeys, chickens, and roasts. You will want to be sure that you find a larger knife for larger jobs. Using a knife this small can be a safety concern as you twist and turn yourself and your food in an effort to make a clean cut.

Basic Construction

This knife does not blow other knives out of the water with its incredible construction of intensely durable materials which will last you a lifetime and allow you to pass it down through the generations of your family. If you are looking for that type of knife, you are going to have to considerably increase your budget.

The stainless steel blade of this knife may not hold its sharp edge as long as a high-carbon blade would, but it is rust-resistant and dishwasher safe. The rounded handle is available in either textured plastic or stainless steel. Since both are equally dishwasher-friendly, you will have to make your decision based on your personal preferences. The textured plastic handle will provide you with a better grip and is less likely to slip in your hand, but will not last nearly as long as the stainless steel handle.

Consumer Feedback

If there were only one thing I could rely on in helping me select the Top Three Choices for any kitchen knife or accessory on this page, it would be consumer ratings and reviews. Consumers have gotten out there and gotten hands-on experience. They know the upsides and downsides to using a particular knife and they cover a range of different interests and preferences. I am only one person. Even if I were to try every single knife on these lists I would only be able to tell you my opinions based on my experience and my preferences. Consumer reviews, on the other hand, allow me to step into the minds of countless other people.

So, what did the consumer reviews have to say about the Rada Cutlery W208 Carver/Boner? They were overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I have never seen such positive reviews for a knife with such a low price. Of course, I expect that the consumers recognized the price in their appraisals of this knife, and adjusted their appraisals according to the expectations they have for such an inexpensive tool. Still, the overall consensus was that this is a rather sturdy and reliable slicing knife.