I wasn’t initially planning to include a “Best Camping and Hunting” category in the slicing knives section until I realized that there are quite a few slicing knives on today’s market which come with a sheath. I thought to myself “Why do these knives come with sheaths while many other kitchen knives do not?”

Aside from the protective leather or imitation leather sheaths which often accompany high-priced knives and serve more as a symbol of status than a functional protective cover, one rarely sees a kitchen knife come with a sheath. Sheaths are, for the most part, restricted to camping knives and hunting knives. Then the lightbulb went off in my head. Of course a slicing knife could be very useful in the wild. Not only would it be helpful in preparing a fresh catch on a hunting expedition, it would also be helpful in preparing the food you packed away in your cooler before leaving your house for your summer camping trip.

Of all the sheathed slicing knives I came across in my research for this website, only two made it to the main slicing knives page. Of those two, I found this Pure Komachi 2 Series knife to be the most user-friendly in a camping or hunting setting.

Though you may have already read a little bit about this knife on the main slicing knives page, I have included this article to give you a better understanding of why I chose this knife as the “Best Camping and Hunting”. In this article, I will go into a little more detail about its specifications and how those specifications may affect your food preparation experience.

A Solid Sheath

Unlike some of the sheaths I have seen on other knives, this sheath appears rather solid. It will not easily slip off in your backpack and the knife will not be able to slice through it. You may feel shocked that I even mentioned these two things as possibilities, but they are possibilities. In searching for a good traveling kitchen knife you always want to be sure that the sheath fits securely and is strong enough to withstand any pressure the knife may put on it as you pile things around your knife in your backpack. The last thing anyone needs is a blade poking through a substandard sheath and destroying their backpack or, worse yet, their flesh.

Strong and Durable

Strength and durability are no less important when you are working in wild. In fact, they may be even more important, since a department store will be miles away. Replacing a broken knife is next to impossible in the wild. This knife, though not as strong and durable as some of the more expensive non-sheathed knives on this list, should easily hold its own in the wild.

Its high-carbon stainless steel blade is rust-resistant. Though I wouldn’t recommend leaving it sitting around in a bucket of water all day, I must say that I am confident that a damp environment will not ruin it. The high carbon content of this blade means that you should be able to confidently make it through a trip without needing to sharpen this blade, as it is likely to hold its sharp edge for quite some time.


The fewer knives you have to carry around with you on a camping trip, the better. More things mean more weight and less usable space. This is why it makes me so happy to see that this knife is multifunctional. Like my favorite slicing knives, this one features a pointed tip and a mid-length 9-inch blade. It can be used as a large utility knife and a carving knife. Unlike those with rounded tips and 12-inch blades which can only cut slices from cooked meat, this one can also fillet a chicken breast or a fish with ease.


Comfort is important when you’re camping. You never know what odd uses you may find for the limited amount of tools you bring with you. In case you find yourself needing to use your knife for more than cooking (i.e. – cutting rope), you will want to be sure that it is one which allows you to grasp a solid comfortable grip.

This knife’s soft-grip rubberized handle is not only comfortable on your skin, but has also been textured to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. It has also been ergonomically shaped so that you can grab a comfortable grip around its rounded edges.