Not everyone needs a large set of knives. Some people have small kitchens. Some people do not cook often. Some people just do not see the use in owning a large array of knives when they can accomplish the same tasks with a small array of knives and some creative cutting and slicing techniques. For those people, I thought it was only proper to include a “Best Small Set” category in the Knife Sets section of this website.

If you have already been to the main Knife Sets page, you may have noticed that the “Best Small Set” spot was awarded to the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Set. You may also have read a little bit about this set and why I chose to place it in the “Best Small Set”position. While the snippet on the main Knife Sets page gave you some information, this article will delve deeper into the specifications of this Mercer set to help you understand why it was chosen for a place in the Top Three Choices.

Important Pieces

In my opinion, the most important kitchen knives a person can own are a chef’s knife, a spear-tip paring knife, a utility knife, and a bread knife. In a tough situation, a serrated utility knife could double for a bread knife and a straight-edge utility knife could double for a paring knife. Still, I find that these four knives are essential to the optimal function of any kitchen. Of course, I was excited to see that this set incorporated those four knives.

In addition to those four most important knives, this set includes a boning knife and a stylish knife block. I never really found a boning knife to be of much use in my own kitchen – I often use my utility knife to serve the same functions. Still, the addition would likely be welcomed by many other home chefs. Most importantly, it was good to see that one of the most essential knives was not replaced with a less essential piece, such as a santoku knife or a pair of shears. If you think I sound crazy even thinking that this may happen, I invite you to take a look around at some of the knife sets available for purchase on today’s market. I have seen 14-piece sets which did not include a chef’s knife or a utility knife.

I find it interesting that you can select between two different, equally stylish knife blocks for this set. I also like that the glass block features slots lined with rubbery material to protect your blades. In addition to being stylish, both of the available knife blocks are designed slim to fit into tight spaces. These space-saving blocks are perfect for people with small kitchens and short countertops.

Strong Construction

Fully forged from high-carbon stainless steel, this set is built to last. Not only is high-carbon stainless steel already very strong, it was made stronger through the forging process of heating, pounding, and cooling. Thanks to the high carbon content, these strong blades will hold a sharp edge for an incredibly long time without requiring sharpening. The stainless alloys in this steel make it rather rust-resistant, though I still do not recommend placing these knives in the dishwasher.

The blades are full tang, meaning that they extend all the way through the no-slip santoprene handle to the very butt of the handle. The blades have been triple-riveted into the handle to hold them there for years to come. It would take near superhuman strength and force to break these knives apart.

Parting Words

With an excellent array of the most important kitchen knives, two choices of slim-design aesthetically-pleasing wooden or tempered glass knife blocks and excellent construction, it is easy to see why, of all the small sets of kitchen knives on today’s market, this set took the place of “Best Small Set” in our “Top Three Choices” for kitchen knife sets.