Top Rated Kitchen Shears Reviews

Whether you are looking to purchase your very first pair of kitchen shears, want to upgrade, or simply need a new pair, it can be beneficial to review unbiased opinions about your possible choices. In creating this website, my aim was to not only find and list the best popular kitchen shears on today’s market, but also to explain why they are so popular and what they have to offer you.

Companies who create and market products will always find ways to boast their positive qualities and bury their negative qualities. Creative, psychology-based marketing is making it more and more difficult to know what you are truly getting without spending hours researching what qualities you should be looking for. In this article you will find a list of some of the top-selling kitchen scissors available today. You will also find the result of my own hours of research in the form of my opinions and explanations as to what makes each of these shears a good buy and what possible negative qualities each may hold.

Top Three Kitchen Shears

In researching for this website I came across many great, and not so great, pairs of kitchen shears. Among the greatest I found, three stood out above the rest. I believe that they deserve a little extra attention, so I have included them in this Top Three Kitchen Shears list. A little further down this page you will find a list of five more quality sets of kitchen scissors which are also worth your attention.

Best in Class

Chef Remi Multifunction Shears

Although these shears are not my personal favorite I truly felt that the deserved the “Best in Class” position on this list, based on the incredible consumer reviews they have received. Don’t get me wrong, I would have definitely included them somewhere on this list if I went based solely on my own opinions. However, I also felt that it was my duty to honor the incredible reviews they have received by assigning them this spot.

Of all the popular kitchen shears I researched for this website this pair received, by far, the best reviews of them all. These multifunctional shears are incredibly versatile and built to last. In fact, I believe that they would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to break while performing regular kitchen tasks.

Both of these shears’ soft-grip handles are formed to be the same size, making them perfect for right-handed and left-handed individuals. These shears’ strong, stainless steel blades may not stay sharp as long as the high-carbon blades of some competitors, but they will not rust and are dishwasher friendly. One of the blades has a straight-edge and the other is serrated so that you can be sure your food won’t slip away from you as you chop down on it.

If you are looking for a quality set of multifunctional kitchen scissors capable of cutting, chopping, filleting, opening cans, opening bottles, and cracking down on tough nuts, this may be just the pair for you.

Best Value

Wislife Kitchen Shears

Though they are not the least expensive shears on this list, this pair of Wislife Kitchen Shears earned itself the “Best Value” title based on their combination of affordability and multiple functions. Less expensive kitchen scissors on this list simply do not have the abilities of these Wislife shears. In my opinion, value isn’t only about a low price, it is also about what you get for that price.

These shears have an exceptional amount of extra features which I believe greatly add to their value. They feature a screw driver, nut cracker/gripper, bottle opener, fish de-scaler, can opener, and bone notch. They come apart for easy cleaning and are made from high quality, high-carbon stainless steel, meaning that they are strong, will stay sharp, and are very rust-resistant. This set’s bright green, soft grip, no-slip handles make it even more appealing.

Unfortunately, unlike many of the other shears listed on this website, these Wislife shears do not appear to be suited for left-handed people. However, if you happen to be right-handed or ambidextrous, this pair of quality, multifunctional kitchen shears should manage to meet many of your kitchen needs.

Best Basic Shears

KitchenAid with Soft Grip Handles

Available in four different colors, the KitchenAid Soft-Grip shears have taken the spot of “Best Basic Shears” based on their quality, affordability, lack of extra features, and positive consumer reviews. Their stainless steel blades have been crafted with microserrations for a better grip and also to help maintain sharpness for longer than typical stainless steel blades.

These KitchenAid shears are made for the basic kitchen cook who is performing basic kitchen tasks. They can easily handle your cutting needs, but do not feature extras such as bottle openers, can openers, screw drivers, or even a nut cracker.

This set is completely dishwasher safe, though I would be cautious about leaving them in a damp environment for long since rust could begin to form in the crevices around the fulcrum and between the blades and handle.

Honorable Mentions

As I stated earlier, I came across many great kitchen shears in the hours of research I completed in creating this website. I feel it is unfair of me to only include three out of the many quality shears I was able to find. Despite the fact that I believe that the three shears listed in the above section are the best three on this list, different budgets and personal needs will dictate a different Top Three list for different people.

Assuming that the three shears listed above do not meet your needs or that you are simply interested in learning more about the other options available on today’s market, I have included the following five sets of kitchen shears as well.

Even if you think you will be happy with one of the pairs listed above, it may be worth the time to continue reading. You may discover a little more about why I chose to place those particular scissors in the Top Three list. You may even discover that your own needs were slightly different than you first believed and find a better pair further down the list.

J. A. Henckels International Kitchen Shears

This affordable pair of shears features a bottle opener and a nut cracker, which can also be used to open small, screw-top bottle lids. The blades of this set do not come apart, which may make cleaning a little difficult. This will be preferable, however, for those people who dislike struggling with separatable blades.

Microserrations have been carved into the stainless steel blades to hold food steadier with more grip support and to help maintain a sharp edge. These stainless steel blades are dishwasher-safe, but will not maintain a sharp edge for as long as the high-carbon blades featured on some competitive shears.

Overall, consumers have been rather happy with these shears. The few complaints I found focused around the lack of non-slip, soft-grip coating on the handles and the fact that the plastic handles grow dry and brittle over time.

If you are looking for a somewhat basic set of kitchen shears with a few handy extras, these may work out well for you. This is especially true if you do not plan to use them often.

Simple Health Kitchen Scissors

This set of scissors comes apart for easy cleaning, making trapped food and bacteria a thing of the past. Simply open to 90 degrees and slide the blades apart. Many extra features and a rather affordable price almost sent these shears in the top three as “Best Value”, but the Wislife Kitchen Shears upstaged them, stealing the show. Still, these scissors are rather impressive and are worth your consideration.

Extra features built into these shears include a metal nut cracker which can also be used to open small twist-off bottle caps or crack through lobster and crab. A flat-head screw driver, can puncture, and pop-top bottle cap opener also adds to the handiness of this kitchen tool. Also included with your purchase of these scissors is a heavy-duty case with an attached fridge-magnet, allowing you to keep your shears protected and within reaching distance.

Although I am not quite sure what type of steel was used in manufacturing these shears, Simple Health claims that they have used some sort of patented “Never Dull” technology that will keep these blades sharp for longer than many other competitors.

BlizeTec Poultry Shears

These impressive spring-loaded shears are built to make cutting through poultry a simple task. Of course, they can be used to cut through many things in the kitchen, including fruits, vegetables and various forms of packaging, but these shears were clearly designed to make it easier to cut through meat.

Anyone who has tried to cut through meat before knows that it can be rather difficult. Not only is raw meat fairly tough, it can also jam the blades, leaving the user to pry them apart by hand. These spring-loaded blades will do half of that work for you. You will only be required to squeeze to get them to slice through raw meat – they will then open and release the meat on their own.

The combination of one curved blade and one straight blade makes it even more difficult to get meat jammed in these shears, as only one very small point of each blade is touching at any given time. These stainless steel shears also feature a bone notch, making it even easier to separate meat.

Unlike most kitchen shears, this set does not feature looped handles. The spring-loaded action of these shears makes looped handles unnecessary, since the blades open on their own. Two long, thin handles are included instead, which makes this set completely lefty-friendly.

Joyce Chen 51-0622 Unlimited Scissors

Available in four different colors (blue, white, red, and yellow), this extremely unique set of scissors is a favorite among home chefs and gardeners, alike. The unique combination of stainless steel, chrome, and molybdenum makes these blades sharp. Despite company claims, consumers say that rust is a concern with these shears and suggest hand washing and drying immediately.

Unfortunately, the blades are extremely short, which means that these scissors are only meant for small tasks. Attempting to separate a chicken with blades this small could take an incredibly long time and cause undue strain on hand and wrist muscles.

This set’s squishy, looped handles allow you to use them like regular scissors, or to grip outside of the loops for more power and control. This also makes these shears lefty-friendly and quite versatile in terms of cutting and angle.

Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Despite the fact that Wusthof is a well-respected name in the world of kitchen knives and kitchen shears, I could not place this set of shears in the Top Three on the basis of its consumer reviews. This set did receive fairly positive consumer reviews; all-around, it appears that the majority of consumers were quite impressed with these shears. Trust me, if they didn’t receive good reviews they wouldn’t have made their way onto this website to begin with. The shears which did make our Top Three list simply received even better reviews.

In all honesty, these Wusthof shears are actually one of my personal favorites. This well-balanced set of shears sits comfortably in the hand and offers the user a great sense of control. Most impressively, the blades of these scissors have been constructed from high-carbon stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel, which dulls quickly, and high-carbon steel, which rusts easily, high-carbon stainless steel will hold its cutting edge for an incredibly long time and is rust-resistant enough to withstand being cleaned in a dishwasher.

Although the handles are lefty-friendly, they have been constructed from hard plastic which creates an easy-slip environment and is likely to dry and crack over time. Another unfortunate downside is that the blades apparently come apart far too easily. Consumers have complained about safety concerns, as the blades have come apart in the midst of cutting through things.

The Final Decision

It is time to make your decision. Or is it? Perhaps you are not quite ready yet and would like to keep looking. Either way, I hope that I have helped you to at least narrow down your choices.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to head over to our Kitchen Shears Buying Guide and our Kitchen Shears Use and Care Guide for more information that may be helpful in making your selection. Good luck with your purchase!