I am not a fan of stainless steel when it comes to kitchen knives. I find it wonderful for certain pots and pans and even think it can wonderfully helpful when used in creating outdoor furniture, but where knives are concerned I am a fan of high-carbon steel. So, why did I choose to include a set of stainless steel knives on this website? Why did I assign these one of the top three places in the steak knives section of this website?

Many people are, quite simply, diehard fans of stainless steel. It could be because they have some sort of allergy to other materials or because stainless steel is simply all they know and, thus, what they find themselves the most comfortable with. They may, simply, enjoy the convenience of stainless steel. Whatever the case may be, I thought it was important to include these people (possibly you) in my search for the best steak knives on today’s market. I truly feel that if you are a stainless steel lover, you will not be disappointed by these Henckels steak knives.

100 Percent Dishwasher Friendly

As I stated earlier, one of the biggest reasons a lot of people select stainless steel knives is the convenience this type of steel offers. Unlike high-carbon steel which must be hand washed and hand dried to prevent rusting and staining, stainless steel can easily stand up to dishwashers and air-drying.

A couple of other stainless steel sets made their way onto this website, but they weren’t dishwasher-friendly. If I am honest, that is one of the major reasons why this set was awarded a place in the top three while the others were not. Those other sets all featured wooden handles, which meant that they would not be able to be submerged in water. This set, on the other hand, features plastic handles. Although they are not the most attractive handles, they are completely dishwasher safe and do not run the risk of trapping bacteria inside them or rotting, like their wooden counterparts.

Sturdy, Full-Tang Blades

A major complaint I often hear from people who own stainless steel steak knives is that they have been poorly constructed and their blades are flimsy. Those people often sit in worry that their knives will bend or break if they push too hard on them. Luckily, that will not be a concern with these Henckels knives.

Consumers have reported that these knives have thick, strong blades which will not bend easily. Adding to their reliability, these knives feature full tang blades, which means that the metal of the blades is extended so that it slides into the handle and reaches all the way to the very bottom of it. The blades are held into the handles with three steel rivets – one at the top of the handle, one at the bottom, and one in the middle. These rivets hold the blade in place and keep the handle from coming apart under pressure.

Wide Serrations Mean Less Work

One of the major reasons I do not like stainless steel knives is that they become dull much faster than high-carbon knives and they do not sharpen as easily. Luckily, the wide serrations on the blades of these knives mean that, although they will lose their sharpness faster than their high-carbon counterparts, they will hold it for much longer than comparable knives with small serrations or straight-edge blades.

Who Are They Best For?

If you are a fan of stainless steel, enjoy day-to-day convenience and don’t mind putting in a little extra work now and then, these knives may be just right for you. The day-to-day convenience you gain by being able to throw these knives into the dishwasher will be slightly offset by the time or money you will have to spend sharpening them now and then, but you may find the trade-off worth it if you live a busy life.