This set of Equinox knives goes on sale often for a very low and extremely affordable price. However, even when they are not on sale, these knives are an incredible price. Compared to similarly-priced popular knife sets, these are quite impressive. Compared to equally-impressive knife sets, this one is incredibly priced.

As you may already know, I selected these knives as part of my Top Three list of the best popular steak knives on today’s market. I included a little bit of information about them on the main steak knives page but, since they have taken one of our top three spots, I believed they deserved their own article. In this article, I will look at the positives and negatives of this Equinox steak knife set, though I warn you now that the negatives are quite minimal.

Strong, Sturdy and Sharp

Made from high-carbon steel, these knives are incredibly strong; a relatively unknown fact is that high-carbon steel is actually stronger that stainless steel. Though its properties make high-carbon steel easier to sharpen than stainless steel, it is actually much more difficult to bend and warp. High-carbon also stays sharp for much longer than stainless steel.

Although the steel they are made from means that these knives will stay sharp longer than their stainless steel counterparts, it does not mean that they will never need to be sharpened. I honestly doubt that there truly is any knife in the world which will never need to be sharpened, despite what many marketers may say. The small serrations on these blades mean that these knives will tear through meat with ease, but will grow dull much faster than knives with large serrations. Still, they will stay sharp longer than straight-edge knives.

The blades of these knives have been double-riveted into the handles and reach all the way to very bottom of the handle. This keeps them in a good balance in your hand. They will not be too heavy at one end or the other, allowing you perfect control as you cut through your meal. This will also hold the knife together well, lending to its reliability and sturdiness.

Not A Clean Cut

Though I prefer serrated blades to straight-edge blades, the same will not hold true for everyone. My preference is based on how quickly each type of knife becomes dull. Of all the knives on today’s market, straight-edged knives grow dull the quickest. This is especially true with steak knives which are often used atop ceramic and glass plates. In case you did not know, ceramic and glass actually work to wear down the fine edges of knives, unlike wood and plastic. This is why cutting boards are often crafted from wood and plastic.

These serrated blades may stay sharper for longer, but they will not provide the beautiful clean cut of a straight-edged blade. Instead, they will tear at your meat, allowing the juices to make their way out of your bite and onto your plate. You must decide which is more important to you – a clean cut or a sharp knife.

Lifetime Warranty

Nothing makes me happier than a lifetime warranty, especially when it comes to kitchenware. It is very nice to know that the company backs these knives and the craftsmanship behind them. So long as you treat your knives well, you will never need to worry about them breaking, as the company will replace them even ten years down the line.

The Wooden Handle Toss-Up

This set includes beautiful Pakkawood handles which are destined to nicely accent your tableware display. Unfortunately, wooden handles, though beautiful, have their downsides, as you cannot place them in the dishwasher and you probably shouldn’t even submerge them in the sink. When the wood soaks up water it can hold bacteria and can even begin to rot from the inside out, no matter how well you dry the knife afterward.

It appears that Equinox chose to coat these particular handles with a water-resistant coating that will help to keep rotting from occurring, but it is still recommended that you simply wipe the handles clean with a damp cloth and dry them immediately. This shouldn’t be too big of an issue since high-carbon steel blades shouldn’t be placed in the dishwasher either. In other words, you should be handwashing these knives anyway, even if they had plastic handles. At least this way the handles will look pretty on your table.