As you may already know if you have browsed around this website a little bit, this 4-piece Dalstrong set was named our top choice of all popular steak knives on today’s market. I wish I could say that there were such incredible knives on the market which made this decision difficult, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth. It really wasn’t very difficult to name these knives the Best in Class steak knives.

This article will go into a little more depth about why this Dalstrong set was awarded the first place position. In addition to looking at all of the strong points of these knives, I will delve into the minor negative points and discuss the type of home chef I believe they would be best suited for.

Strong and Built To Last

The construction used in creating these knives is far superior to any of the other knives on this website’s list of popular steak knives. I’m not even sure where to begin in discussing this topic. The metal used to construct these knives is high-carbon steel. Although much easier to sharpen than stainless steel, high-carbon steel is actually stronger than stainless steel.

Not only is the metal strong, it is also thick. I do not foresee most people needing to press down very hard on a steak knife, since a steak should be cooked in a way which makes it easy to cut through, but if they ever needed to, they could surely count on the thick strong steel of these Dalstrong blades.

Full tang blades are usually considered one of the best options in steak knives. Full tang blades are blades whose metal actually runs the entire length of the handle. They are fitted into the handle and fastened inside with steel rivets. Dalstrong took things one step further, actually forging full-size handles from the steel itself. Essentially, these knives are one long piece of heavy steel. They are virtually unbreakable.

Comfort and Style

To add a touch of elegance, Dalstrong sandwiched each metal handle between two pieces of beautiful dark Pakkawood. These handles are not only meant to impress your guests with their beauty, they also add warmth and comfort as you grip them, contrasting the hard, cold steel you would be grasping in their absence.

Also adding to the comfort of using these knives is their weight. With the exception of people suffering from extreme wrist pain, most people prefer a well-balanced, heavy steak knife. The weight of these knives as well as the distribution of that weight will make them very easy to control as you and your guests cut into your meals.

Possible Price Problem

When I looked up these knives they were on sale for an incredibly affordable price. It is my understanding, through my research, that these knives do go on sale rather often. Still, their regular price may be beyond the budget of many households. It is good to know, however, that the price includes more than just the set of knives. It also includes an attractive storage case, a polishing cloth and plastic tip protectors.

The Downsides of Small Serrations

Although I am someone who prefers small serrations, many people prefer knives with straight edges because they make cleaner cuts. Others prefer knives with large serrations because they require less sharpening. Make no mistake, there may come a time when these knives need to be sharpened. That time may come sooner than if you purchased knives with large serrations. However, their high-carbon makeup means that they will not need to be sharpened as often as stainless steel knives.

Every Occasion

These Dalstrong steak knives would be an excellent addition to any occasion. They could be used every day or brought out for special occasions. Your guests are bound to be impressed at their style as well as their function. Their rounded tips even make them ideal for teaching children to cut meat on their own.