Selecting a sheep’s foot paring knife for the Top Three section of the Best Paring Knives page was rather simple, because of all the popular paring knives I found worthy of inclusion on this website only one of the was a sheep’s foot. Do not allow that you to deter you from reading on. Trust me, even though it is the only one which made it to the list, it is still a very impressive knife. In fact, I believe that it was the great aspects of this knife which allowed it to rise above the rest and find its way onto this website.

Generally speaking, sheep’s foot paring knives aren’t all that popular. People generally opt for a more multifunctional option, such as a spear tip. In fact, many people don’t even know how to use a sheep’s foot knife. If you are unfamiliar with sheep’s foot paring knives you may feel the same way. This type of knife is commonly used for precise chopping jobs, such as julienning. They are also rather helpful, when serrated, for slicing tough baguettes without flattening them.

The very fact that the Dalstrong Gladiator Series sheep’s foot paring knife made its way into my list of popular paring knives at all was quite surprising, since sheep’s foot knives really aren’t that popular to begin with. Its inclusion on this list and its selection as Best Sheep’s Foot Paring Knife speaks volumes to the quality of this knife. This article will take a closer look at each of the amazing qualities which landed this Dalstrong a place in the Top Three Paring Knives list.

Full Tang

Some knives feature blades which barely insert into their wooden or plastic handles. Those knives are not very sturdy and could easily come apart if you place too much pressure on them when trying to complete a task. This issue shouldn’t be of much concern for a knife of this sort, as it isn’t often used to perform tasks which place a lot of pressure on that part of the knife. Still, some people may struggle with certain tasks (for example, some people may struggle at working their knives through hard carrots when julienning) and push down quite hard on the handle. It is extremely important, in these moments, that the handle and blade are well connected to prevent the blade from snapping free and flinging up toward the user.

Luckily, this Gladiator knife is full tang, meaning that its blade is not simply inserted inside only a half of an inch, but extends all the way to the butt of the knife. To add to its strength, Dalstrong triple-riveted the blade inside of the handle to ensure that it cannot slide out or come apart easily under pressure.

High Carbon Steel

I am a major fan of high carbon steel where knives are concerned. Some people prefer stainless steel and many have moved over to purchasing a hybrid called high carbon stainless steel, but I prefer the tested and true. High carbon steel is the strongest of all three types of steel, stays sharp for the longest amount of time, and is the easiest to sharpen. Unlike stainless steel, however, high carbon steel must be hand washed and dried immediately after use to prevent discoloration and rusting.

Stainless steel isn’t as strong and will not stay sharp as long as high carbon, but can be placed inside a dishwasher. High carbon stainless steel is a mixture of the two steels. It is stronger than stainless steel but can still be placed inside a dishwasher. The convenience of stainless steel and high carbon stainless steel is quite alluring for many people. Still, I prefer knowing that my knife is strong and will hold its edge. In creating the high carbon stainless steel hybrid metal, some of that strength and endurance is lost. Therefore, I find this knife’s high carbon blade to be a major selling point.

An All-Around Winner

There is no doubt in my mind that the popularity of this knife, as well as many others in Dalstrong’s Gladiator line, is partially influenced by their stunning aesthetic appeal. Still, I must nod my hat to its incredible construction. If you are looking for a solid sheep’s foot paring knife to meet all of your slicing and julienning needs, I truly believe that you do not need to look much further than this Dalstrong. However, if you are in search of something which can also cut through a crusty baguette, you may to keep looking. The straight edged blade of this knife may struggle to make it through such a surface. Similarly, you may want to continue your search if you require a sheep’s foot paring knife which can be placed in a dishwasher for quick cleaning.