What constitutes a good electric knife sharpener? The ability to get the job done well. What constitutes a great electric knife sharpener? Precision and quality.

Though there were many good electric knife sharpeners included on the main “Knife Sharpeners” page of this website, the selection of the Chef’s Choice Trizor EdgeSelect for Best Electric Sharpener was the great one which stood out among the rest. My job would have been made much more difficult had I chosen to include a runner up, however, because the others on the list were all equally impressive.

This sharpener has all the qualities of a good sharpener. It is reliable. It gets the job done well. It has received excellent consumer reviews about its abilities and longevity. The same can be said for many of the other sharpeners on this list, however. Those qualities were all used as prerequisites for even being featured on this website at all.

What made this Chef’s Choice stand out among the rest of the electric sharpeners is that it not only brought quality and longevity, it also brought a host of special features while maintaining a competitive price. Usually, if a competitively-priced product has more features than its competitors, it will not be as good of quality. That was not the case with this sharpener.

Three Stages

Not only is this sharpener capable of sharpening, it is also capable of honing. Use the rough grit in the first stage of sharpening to tackle the extremely dull, pitted edges of old knives. Use the fine grit to bring those old knives to an even sharper point or skip right ahead to the honing stage to clean up the edge and give it that smoother finish necessary for the cleanest of cuts. Use the fine grit in the second stage to quickly spruce up somewhat sharp blades and avoid having to use stage one sharpening later on. Skip both stages one and two and focus on the honing stage for regular day-to-day blade re-alignments.

Very Sharp

This sharpener creates an edge that no one would want to mess with. Perfect for any knife, even for a thin-edge Santoku knife, the 15 degree cutting angle achieved by this sharpener will create even the finest of slices. I’m not quite certain why, but most home-style electric knife sharpeners I found were not capable of creating such an acute angle. Most hovered around the 20-30 degree range which, while perfect for American and European style kitchen knives, rendered these sharpeners useless for working with the fine edges of Asian-style knives.

Holds Steady

One of the major concerns I have always had about electric sharpeners is how quickly they work. I have always worried about accidentally shaving off more of the blade than is necessary and prematurely (and accidentally) turning my utility knife into a boning knife. Another concern I have had with how quickly they work is that if you are unable to hold your knife steady as you work it through the sharpener, the blade is much more likely to come out all wobbly and messed up than it would be if you were working with as easier-to-control manual sharpener.

Though I will never be able to do anything about my fear of shaving off more than intended (it is simply par for the course with any knife sharpener), I am comforted to know that this sharpener will hold my blade steady for me, so that I will not have to worry about a wobbly edge.

Long cutting slots hold the blade in a perfect line as you work, making it very difficult to accidentally bend it by turning your wrist. The sharpening discs have been spring loaded to adjust to the width of the blade so that they will always be the perfect distance from the blade which also reduces the likelihood of creating a wobbly edge.


Unlike most manual and electric sharpeners, this one is fully capable of handling the delicate task of working with serrated blades. You will no longer have to worry about making alternate arrangements for your serrated blades by sending them away to be sharpened or shoving them in the back of the drawer to be forgotten. Now, you can quickly and easily sharpen them in your own kitchen.

Not only will this machine effectively sharpen serrated blades, it will even act almost like a honing rod for serrated blades by pulling their teeth back into perfect alignment. Not only will this help the knives to cut better, it will also protect the teeth from breaking off.

A Rare Find

What struck me most about this electric knife sharpener is that it incorporates a host of rare qualities which, when put together, make it even more rare. Once I added all of those things together with the facts that this sharpener is competitively priced and consumers have had very positive things to say about it, I found myself with a clear winner.