Carving and Slicer Knife Reviews

If you are in search of the perfect slicing knife, you may not need to look much further than this web page. Though I cannot guarantee that I have found the one knife which beats every other on the planet, I am willing to bet that, for most of you, I have located a slicer knife which will completely satisfy your culinary needs.

On this page, I have included reviews of nine popular, top-selling slicer knives. I spent hours researching slicer knives to see what specifications are best-suited to a quality product. I then located the top-selling popular slicer knives on today’s market and selected the nine best knives from that list. My selection of these nine knives was based on the opinions and reviews of actual consumers, the things I have learned along the way using slicer knives in my own kitchen, and the hours I spent researching slicer knife specifications.

It is my hope that this web page will assist you in narrowing down your selection of carving knives as you prepare to purchase one for your own kitchen, or possibly someone else’s. I encourage you to make your way through this entire page and to compare each knife against your own needs.

Top Three Choices

I felt that it was very important to include a “Top Three Choices” section for each of the knives and accessories discussed on this website. I believe that these Top Three sections offer you a little insight into what makes one knife superior to others. Though I truly believe that each and every knife listed in the “Honorable Mentions” section is worth your attention, I am much more confident that one of these three knives will meet your needs.

Of course, the categories here are rather specific. If you are in search of a slicer knife which exists somewhere in between the specifications of these particular knives, you will want to be sure to read the “Honorable Mentions” reviews listed below this section.

Best in Class

Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

I must say that I surprised myself when I selected this knife as the “Best in Class”. I will just come right out with it and say that this knife, with its 12-inch blade, is much longer than my own preferred length, which hovers around 8 to 10 inches. Also, I prefer a pointed tip and this knife features a rounded tip. So, why did I include it? I included it because it has received rave reviews from consumers. I feel that it is dishonest to ignore the masses. If the majority of people place this knife above the rest, who am I to counter them? The odds are in favor of you being a part of that majority.

I prefer an 8 to 10-inch blade with a pointed tip because I often use my slicer knife when working with raw meat. Of course, it is most useful for slicing and shaving cooked meat, but I also use it to fillet boneless chicken breast or to cut ham into manageable cubes for specific dishes. A long, round-tip slicer knife, such as this one, is only useful for slicing and shaving cooked meat. In fact, the length of this knife makes it even more useful for those tasks than an 8 or 10-inch blade would be.

Upon reviewing this knife’s specifications, I have no doubts as to why consumers have given it such rave reviews and positive feedback. It appears to be extremely well-built and easy to control.

Best Value

Rada Cutlery W208 Carver/Boner

Unlike the Victorinox knife discussed above, this Rada Cutlery slicer knife features a pointed tip, perfect for plunging into raw meat for filleting and cubing. Though its 6.5-inch blade is slightly shorter than the average slicer knife, consumers have given it incredible reviews.

Consumer reviews are, in the end, the biggest factor which determines my Top Three Choices for any knife or accessory on this website. Seeing that consumers were incredibly satisfied with this extremely affordable knife was enough to make me look past its short blade length and place it squarely in this Top Three section.

I must admit that there is a very high likelihood that many consumers took this knife’s low price into consideration when rating it and writing their reviews. Though I, and many consumers, find this knife incredibly impressive for its price, I do not believe that it can compete with some of the more expensive knives on this list. It is simply not built to be as strong or last as long as those more expensive knives. However, if you are in search of an affordable knife and are not able or willing to spend the kind of money it would take to get yourself a slicer knife of top quality, this may be just the right fit for you.

Best for Camping and Hunting

Pure Komachi 2 Series

Slicing knives definitely have their applicability in camping and hunting settings. Though they are far from the typical hunting knife you see an experienced hunter carrying around on his belt, it can be quite helpful in preparing meals on long trips or camp outings. Since hunting and camping both incorporate a certain amount of mobility, I felt that it would be best for me to include one which is easy to transport and can be safely carried inside of a backpack.

An important first step in finding the perfect knife for this “Best for Camping and Hunting” title was to find one which featured a protective sheath. It would really be pointless to include a knife which would not be safe to transport.

After searching through all the sheathed slicing knives of my initial list of top-selling slicing knives, I narrowed my choices down to this Pure Komachi and another knife which is featured further down this page in the “Honorable Mentions” section. What set this Pure Komachi knife apart from the other sheathed knives I have researched is its superior quality and positive consumer reviews. Though this knife is far from perfect, it has been constructed of strong, reliable materials and appears to be quite comfortable to grip.

Honorable Mentions

Despite receiving extremely positive consumer reviews and checking off a lot of boxes on my personal, slightly biased, checklist of great slicing qualities, I understand that the three knives listed above may not meet the needs or desires of everyone visiting this web page. Some people are looking for knives which exist somewhere in the mid-range between the Best Value knife and the Best in Class knife. Some people have certain, specific preferences for blade length and tip type. Some people are looking for strong, stay-sharp blades whereas others have prioritized the convenience of placing those blades in a dishwasher.

Since I understand that each person has different needs and preferences, I have included the following list of knives in an effort to reach out to those needs and preferences. Each knife on this “Honorable Mentions” list is slightly different from the others in some way. I did my best to cover a variety of handle materials, blade materials, and lengths, among other variables, when selecting the knives on this list. Despite my efforts to offer you variety in this list, I also ensured that each knife on this list has received significantly positive reviews from consumers.

J.A. Henckels International Classic 8-Inch Slicer Knife

J. A. Henckels is a rather large name in the world of kitchen knives. In fact, their knives have graced the Top Three Choices section on some of our other pages. Unfortunately, despite being an impressive and solidly-built knife, this one wasn’t quite up to par with the knife I selected for “Best in Class” in terms of consumer ratings and reviews. However, if I were to have been biased in chosing the “Best in Class” based on my own personal preferences, you can bet this one would have been given the title.

With a blade measuring only 8-inches, this knife is slightly shorter than the average slicing knife, which usually features a blade length of about 10 inches. The very tip of this 8-inch blade has been pointed. For me, this is preferable because I like to use my knife when working with both cooked and raw meat and for slicing, shaving, cubing, and filleting. The shorter blade length and pointed tip are very helpful when working with raw meat, whereas the thin, straight-edge blade is helpful when working with cooked meat. People who prefer to only use their carving knife for slicing and shaving cooked meat may prefer a longer knife with a rounded tip.

What I find most impressive about this knife is its construction. The blade of this knife has been forged from high-carbon stainless steel. In case you are unaware, I would like to tell you that forged blades are much stronger and more durable than blades which have been punched from a sheet of steel. Also, high-carbon stainless steel, while rust-resistant thanks to its stainless alloys, is extremely hard and will hold its cutting edge for a very long time.

Though I do not have the space on this page to go into full detail about this knife’s specifications, I would also like you to know that it features a steel bolster to protect your fingers as you work and to provide a counterbalance to the weight of the blade.

Ontario Knives 8-Inch Slicer

Much like the J. A. Henckels knife described above, this Ontario Knives carving knife appears to have been built for multiple purposes. Its slightly short 8-inch blade and spear-point tip will allow you to use this knife when working with raw meat. The shorter blade length will provide more precision control and the pointed tip will allow you to plunge the knife through the tough flesh of the raw meat. The thin blade and straight edge still make this knife ideal for slicing and shaving various cooked turkeys, chickens, roasts, and hams.

In addition to being shaped similarly to the J. A. Henckels listed above, this knife also features a full-tang blade, built for stability and durability. A lack of stainless alloys in this knife’s steel blade mean that it will not be rust-resistant and, therefore, should not be placed inside a dishwasher for cleaning. The high carbon content of this blade, on the other hand, ensures that it is incredibly strong and will hold its edge for an impressively long time.

Other than the type of metal its blade has been constructed from, this Ontario Knife differs from the J. A. Henckels listed above in three important ways. Firstly, it is much less expensive. In the world of kitchen knives, however, less money often means less quality, which brings me to my second point – this knife is not as well-weighted.

It does not feature a metal end cap or a metal bolster to offset the heavy weight of the blade. This lack of even weighting robs you of much of your control when you are working with this knife. The third way this knife differs from the Henckels is in terms of its blade’s construction. Whereas the Henckels has been forged for extra strength, this high-carbon blade appears to have been stamped from a steel sheet.

OXO Good Grips Professional 8-Inch Slicing Knife

This 8-inch, spear-tip slicing knife is perfect for working with raw meat. The pointed tip will easily slide into the cut of meat, allowing you to fillet it in one easy step. Its sharp, slightly curved, straight-edge blade with effortlessly slice raw meat into cubes or strips for all your stir-fry and stew-related needs. The sharp, straight blade will also aid you in slicing or shaving cooked meats to perfect thicknesses for serving.

The handle of this knife has been shaped for ergonomic support and has been covered with a rubbery material for extra grip. You should not need to worry about losing control when working with this knife. Also adding to your ability to control this knife is the fact that is has been well weighted by its metal bolster. The metal bolster also serves to protect your fingers as you are working.

Though knives with metal bolsters are usually full tang, I cannot say for certain that this one is. If it is, this will add even more to its durability and stability during use. I can definitely say that although its forged stainless steel blade is not as strong as a forged high-carbon blade, it is much stronger than a stamped stainless steel blade and is much more rust-resistant than a high-carbon blade.

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 8-Inch Slicer

This 8-Inch Chicago Cutlery slicing knife is very basic in terms of its specifications. Of course, each knife on this list is slightly different. Though I believe that this knife is comparable in its overall quality to many of the other knives on this list, it maintains a different set of specifications from each of the others listed here.

This knife features a strong and durable high-carbon stainless steel blade which has been stamped from a sheet of steel. Though high-carbon stainless steel is much stronger than regular stainless steel, this stamped knife’s strength pales in comparison to forged high-carbon and high-carbon stainless steel blades. Still, the high-carbon content of the blade tells me that it probably isn’t flimsy and will hold its edge for much longer than many competitors.

Like many of the other knives on this list, this one features a slightly short 8-inch blade with a pointed tip, making it very useful in slicing through raw meat. Its full-tang blade has been triple riveted into the walnut handle for extra durability and a better weight balance between the blade and the handle. Despite the relative rust-resistance of the high-carbon stainless steel blade, the walnut handle of this knife leads me to suggest refraining from cleaning it in a dishwasher or submerging it in a sink full of water.

Ontario Knife Company Old Hickory 14-Inch Slicer

Much like the Chicago Cutlery knife listed above, this Ontario Knife Company slicer features a wooden handle. I will just come right out and say it – this knife’s wooden handle means it is not dishwasher-friendly and should not be submerged in a sink full of water. I feel that it is important to give you that information now, so that you do not need to continue reading if you are not a fan of hand washing your knives.

This knife’s blade measures a surprisingly long 14 inches. Yes, I am only speaking about the blade. The entire knife is much longer if you include the length of its handle. When I first read the specifications for this knife, I remember telling myself “You better buy one of these knives if you ever intend to serve an entire cow to your guests.” You might laugh at this – I know I did – but the truth of the matter is that this knife really is a little too much knife for most people and most tasks.

On the upside, this knife’s forged high carbon blade is extremely durable, strong, and will hold a very sharp edge for a surprisingly long time. It does not feature stainless alloys like many modern blades, but that doesn’t really matter since the handle of this knife holds it back from having much contact with water, anyway.

Zyliss 7.5-Inch Carving Knife

The shortest of the carving knives featured on this page, this Zyliss 7.5 inch knife is well-suited to working with small to mid-sized cuts of meat. I believe that it will be particularly useful in filleting and portioning small to mid-sized cuts of raw boneless meat. It will also be useful in carving slices of small turkeys, chickens, hams and roasts. I do not, however, anticipate it being very helpful in carving large 25-pound turkeys at large family get-togethers. Save these tasks for a slicing knife with a longer blade.

This knife’s high-carbon stainless steel blade is available in a raw format or with a colored non-stick resin coating which has been designed to reduce friction as you move your knife through your meat. I am not sure if the blade is full tang, but it does not appear to be riveted into the handle, which leaves me concerned that it may come apart from the handle over time.

The rounded, rubber handle of this knife promises a comfortable non-slip grip, allowing you to go about your business without worrying about losing control of it. Unfortunately, consumers have stated that this knife’s blade, despite being crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, is quite flimsy and leaves them feeling nervous about using it for difficult jobs.

The Big Decision

The time has come for you to make your decision. Or has it? Who am I to tell you when you need to decide to buy something? I do hope, however, that this information has helped you in coming to a decision or, at least, coming closer to making a decision. If you are still unsure about which knife to purchase, try taking a moment to read our Slicing Knife Buying Guide and our informational pages about Blade Types and Handle Types.