I selected the AmazonBasics 14-Piece Knife Set with Block as the knife set with the best value for the Top Three Choices in the Knife Sets section of this website. Selecting a “Best Value” knife set was not a choice I took lightly. I spent considerable time thinking this decision through. I wanted to select an affordable set which was accessible to as many people as possible. I understand that it can be very difficult to find a quality set of knives when you are working from a budget. I wanted to take all of the frustration out of that search and simply present you with what I feel brings you as much quality as possibility for an affordable price.

I must say that when I came across this AmazonBasics set I was shocked at just how much quality you receive for a tiny price. I was expecting that I would find a knife set with comparable quality but that it would be listed for at least twice the amount of this AmazonBasics set. I never imagined that I would actually select a set this inexpensive, because I simply did not believe I would find one worthy of your consideration. I was wrong.

In this article we will take a quick look at this knife set, including its array of pieces and its construction. I hope that, by the end of this article, you will understand why I selected this set as having the best value among all the popular, top-selling knife sets on today’s market.

What’s Included?

This set comes complete with one 8-inch chef’s knife, one 8-inch bread knife, one 8-inch slicer, one 5.5-inch straight-edge utility knife, one 3.5-inch spear-tip paring knife, six 4.5-inch steak knives, one set of kitchen shears, a rod sharpener, and a wooden knife block.

It does not contain the variety of pieces found in larger sets; it does not include a santoku knife or a boning knife. Still, the pieces it does contain are those which are most often used by mid-level, and even some rather serious, home chefs. I can honestly tell you that, although I have created many different types of meals in my kitchen, I have had absolutely no use for either a santoku knife or a boning knife – I simply use my chef’s knife and utility knife to serve their functions.

Adding to the value of this set is the multi-functional nature of the kitchen shears which AmazonBasics chose to include with it. They could have chosen a basic pair of shears designed to do one thing – cut – but they did not. Instead, they included shears which also feature a bottle opener and a nut cracker. Yes, there are kitchen shears on the market with more than three functions, but three is impressive when you consider the price of this set.

Solid Construction

Let me just come right out and say it – this set is not built as solid as your typical $200 knife set. Okay, now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, let’s take a look at the construction of this set. In all honesty, it is rather impressive. Though each piece is not forged from one single piece of metal, the full tang blades are triple riveted into the polypropylene handles, which means that it will take incredible force and time for these knives to come apart.

Though they have likely been stamped, not forged, the blades of this set are probably decently strong, as they have been created from high-carbon steel, which is known for its strength. High-carbon stainless steel is also known for holding a sharp edge for a rather long time and for being somewhat rust-resistant. Most budget-friendly knife sets are created from stainless steel and lack the edge longevity of a high-carbon set such as this one.

Not As Good As The Expensive Sets

Although I believe that this point should be fairly obvious to most people, I feel I must state the obvious – this set is not as good as many more expensive sets. While I do find it rather comparable to sets which are about twice the price of this one, I must admit it falls far short of comparing to some of the $150-$250 sets on this list. Of course, that is to be expected.

When I talk about this set in terms of its quality, I am saying that it exists miles beyond the quality of most similarly-priced sets, making the AmazonBasics 14-Piece set an incredible bargain.