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The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home. It is the place where families gather and nourish more than just their bodies. But what is a kitchen without good food and how can you make good food without the proper knives for the job?

Through this website it is my mission to bring you not only the best kitchen knives on the current market, but also to teach you the most important and basic information about kitchen knives of which many home chefs are unaware.

Who Is This Website For?

Anyone. This website is for the talented home chef who has had recipes passed down through generations. This website is for the beginner chef who was never taught how to cook or how to select kitchen knives, but is excited and eager to move away from takeout boxes and toward succulent home-cooked meals. This website is for restaurant chefs, home chefs, wannabe chefs, and people who have no intention of creating anything more complicated than a basic sandwich (you need to cut that sandwich with something).

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Since this website covers a large range of different types of kitchen knives I thought it would be best if I took a moment to outline each type for you. I remember when I first began learning about kitchen knives and how incredibly overwhelmed I was by the number of different types of knives on the market. “What are these all for?” I asked myself. “How do I use them all?” If you’re asking yourself a similar question and aren’t quite sure which type of knife or knives you should be researching, take a quick moment to read the following information about the knives we have reviewed on this site. I have included convenient links here, so that you can click on whichever type you prefer. Of course, if you just want them all, there’s a section on knife sets as well.

Chef Knives

Chef knives are the perfect go-to for all your simple slicing and dicing needs. Often used by professionals and beginners alike, the chef’s knife is the most versatile large knife in your drawer. Use it to slice fruits, vegetables, and even meat with precision. Chop your fruits, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, and fine herbs into tiny cubes as the perfect addition to a summer salad. Use it to dice tomatoes and mince garlic for a light antipasto. The curved edge of this long blade will allow you to move it in a simple sweeping motion, which will not only help you work faster but will also promote ergonomically-friendly arm movements. If a chef’s knife is exactly what you are looking for, take a moment to visit our most popular chef knives reviews.

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Paring Knives

Are you looking to peel a fruit or a vegetable? Are you hoping to remove the core from an apple or the pit from a peach? Perhaps you are in search of the perfect knife for creating the tiniest match-stick carrots. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may be in search of a paring knife. Their heavy handles and short blades allow you maintain optimal control over their movements, which is very good since you will likely be working with them in your hands instead of on a cutting board. If you are in search of the perfect paring knife to complete your knife set, check out our popular sheep’s foot, spear tip and bird’s beak paring knife reviews.

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Slicing Knives

These long, slim knives have been designed with sharp, straight-edge blades to allow you to effortlessly slice through any type of meat. It doesn’t matter if the meat is raw, dry, fatty, or tough; a good slicing knife will cut through it all. Often referred to as carving knives, slicing knives are most often used to cut large slices of meat from fully-cooked turkeys, chickens, or beef roasts. Be careful not to confuse this knife with a very similar-looking knife – the bread knife. Though bread knives are also long, their serrated edges will create ugly, uneven slices of meat. If you are in search of a top quality slicing knife for all your turkey-carving needs, visit our reviews of top-selling slicing knives.

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Bread Knives

Very similar in appearance to the slicing knife, the bread knife is often used, just as you would expect, for slicing bread. However, it is very important to know that such a knife is also very useful in slicing through both dry and moist pastries and cakes. A bread knife’s serrated edge allows you to slowly saw through soft foods without tearing bits and pieces off to leave behind on your countertop, cutting board, or dining room table. Its long cutting surface gives it an edge over short serrated blades by allowing you cut through wide cakes and bread loaves in a few simple sweeps. Feel free to browse our reviews of today’s best bread knives for help in making your selection.

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Santoku Knives

A step up from the chef’s knife, the santoku knife is a specialized knife for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing with speed and perfection. Though it takes a little bit longer to learn the techniques of working with a santoku knife, its results will put the chef’s knife to shame. An extremely sharp cutting edge allows you to create paper thin slices of your favorite fruits and vegetables for garnishing any professional-quality meal. If you are in search of a high quality santoku knife you may want to spend a little time reading our reviews of 2016’s best santoku knives.

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Steak Knives

There are few things more frustrating than receiving a well-cooked meal and finding that you do not have the proper cutlery to allow you to enjoy that meal with ease. Crafted to give the user ultimate control over creating bite-sized pieces of juicy steaks, pork chops, and even chicken breasts, steak knives are a staple in many homes and restaurants. A large variety of steak knives are available on today’s market including those with pointed tips, rounded tips, serrated edges, and straight edges. An assortment of handle types allows you to match your steak knives to your other cutlery and your dining room’s basic interior design. Our reviews of today’s top steak knives is sure to help you select the right type and style of steak knife for your dining pleasure.

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Kitchen Shears

Although many people do not consider kitchen shears to be at par with knives in terms of kitchen importance, I greatly beg to differ. Kitchen shears are like the Swiss Army Knife of the kitchen. They allow you to maintain control of cutting and chopping a variety of foods when your hands are too slick to properly manage a knife. They are also the perfect sterile tool for cutting butcher’s twine, parchment paper, wax paper, and the like. Quality kitchen shears also incorporate additional features such as bottle openers, can openers, and fish scalers. For your convenience, we have included a page filled with critical reviews of 2016’s top-selling kitchen shears.

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Knife Sets

If you’re looking for something a little simpler than selecting each and every knife individually, you may be entertaining the idea of purchasing a knife set. Not all knife sets are created equal, however. Some feature only three to four knives, whereas some others feature eight kitchen knives, a pair of kitchen shears, and a full set of 4 to 10 steak knives.

Different knives require different qualities to be at the top of their class. Unfortunately, knife sets rarely feature knives which are optimized for their type in terms of their design or components. So, why do people purchase them? Knife sets are often much more affordable and allow you to purchase matching knives without any hassle. Interested in seeing what some of today’s top knife sets have to offer? Check out our reviews of popular knife sets.

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Boning Knives

The boning knife is your perfect choice when it comes to removing meat from bones and removing bones from meat. In fact, it can actually be quite dangerous to try to do so with any other type of knife. The incredibly sharp slicing edge and strong, flexible blade of this type of knife allow it to slice close to the bone so that no meat will be wasted as you prepare it for your meal. The best boning knives are those which are strong yet flexible, and feature easy-grip handles which allow you to maintain precision control. For reviews of 2016’s best-selling boning knives check out our Boning Knives page.

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Utility Knives

If you can only have one knife in your kitchen it should be a utility knife. Although unable to perform any task with ultimate precision, the utility knife has been created to perform most kitchen tasks adequately. No other kitchen knife can boast the same amount of versatility. Even if you have a full set of knives, a utility knife is an excellent addition to your kitchen, because it can easily stand in for any knife which is currently in use or in the dishwasher. Check out our full reviews of top utility knives to find the perfect fit for you.

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Knife Sharpeners

What good are knives if they are dull? Sharp knives are essential not only for creating perfect cuts, but also to create a safe meal-prep environment. Dull blades detract from your ability to control your knife and can lead to kitchen accidents. Knife sharpeners are available in a variety of forms, including rod sharpeners, block sharpeners, manual sharpeners, and electric sharpeners. The type of sharpener that is right for you will depend on your level of experience and your intended results. We’ve reviewed some of today’s best knife sharpeners for your buying convenience.

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How You Can Best Use This Website

I have created this website to help you figure out which qualities are the most important in specific types of kitchen knives. I hope that this information will help you find what you need without overspending or having to purchase another set of new knives in a short amount of time.

What Kind of Research Did I Do?

Why should you take my word for anything if I’m not a chef and my great-great-great-grandmother was not the person who invented kitchen knives? What could I possibly know that is worth sharing with you and why should you take my advice? Well, you shouldn’t take my advice. You should take my knowledge and turn it into your own opinions.

I have spent hours researching top-selling, popular kitchen knives. I have spent hours learning more about different types of knives, their possible uses, how to care for them, and what materials they should be made of based on their uses. I have read countless product reviews written by actual consumers who have used these products. I have taken all of that information and all of those hours of work and turned it into one easy-to-navigate, easy-to-read website so that you do not have to do all that work for yourself.


If you are starting from scratch and building yourself a complete knife set, you may find this entire website helpful. If you are, however, only searching for a very specific type of knife, you can simply meander your way over to the specific section I’ve introduced above.

Each section includes reviews of various top-selling knives as well as buying guides and information pages to help you learn more about how to use and care for your knives. I also included a “Top Three” section for each type of knife so that you may take a quick glance and see which popular kitchen knives I have deemed superior, based on my research.

I’m Not Selling Anything

More questions you may be asking yourself are “What is the difference between all the kitchen knives on the market?” and “Is there really such a big difference that I should research knives before I buy them?”

In all honesty, it depends on how serious you are about your cooking. Look, I am not here to try to sell you something. I am here to inform you and help you make a purchasing decision which you have clearly already decided to make. You are going to purchase some sort of kitchen knife, I’m just here to help you figure out which one is best for you so that you don’t waste your money on something that won’t fulfill your needs.

If you rarely ever cook, but think you may sometimes need a knife for making very simple meals, you may want to stick with those on the cheaper end of the scale and those constructed from dishwasher safe materials. If you cook regularly, however, you may want to put some deeper thought into your purchase. For example, you may think about purchasing a low-priced option but find that you will need to replace it multiple times over the course of your life. Compared to more expensive knives with lifetime warranties, you may actually find yourself spending more money in the long run. Similarly, you may find that spending an excessive amount of money on a certain set of kitchen knives doesn’t actually get you much more in terms of quality.

Know What You Need

I strongly suggest knowing what you need before you begin purchasing specific knives. Ask yourself, “What types of meals do I cook? What is it I need my knives to do? Will I ever need more than one version of the same kind of knife at a time? How often do I have guests over? Will I serve meals which will require my guests to use steak knives or utility knives?”

For help in answering these questions, head over to the page for each type of knife and read the introductory paragraph for a brief description of the knife and what it is often used for. This will help you narrow down the types of knives you need.

Beware the Kitchen Knife Set

I have included a section for knife sets, but I want to throw a word of caution your way regarding these sets before you jump in and buy one. Knife sets can be extremely helpful in the kitchen, especially when they are diverse and each knife has been constructed specifically to help it achieve its individual goals, rather than to help it blend in with the rest of the set.

Be aware that if you purchase a knife set you may still find yourself in need of a few extra knives. Not all sets carry all knives. Some sets come with a few steak knives, but not enough to serve a full table of guests. If style and appearance is very important to you, figure out if you will require additional knives before purchasing your knife set and check to see if the manufacturing company sells matching knives individually so that you may add to the set.